Guidelines and obligatory conditions issued by Superintendent of Public Health

  1. Tents are pitched at a minimum distance of 2 meters from each other in all directions
  2. The number of people that can sleep in a camper vehicle or within a tent shall be limited by its indoor floor area. Four square meters should be allotted per person unless the tent or camper vehicle is used by person from the same household
  3. Different households should occupy different camper vehicles or tents. When this is not possible, the group of persons sleeping in a camper vehicle or a tent should strive to maintain their group formation during all day activities including mealtimes
  4. Group formations should limit the time spent with other groups occupying the other camper vehicles or tents as much as possible
  5. When the occupiers of different camper vehicles or tents meet for any community events, the appropriate social distancing principles need to be applied as much as possible

General precaution to be taken

  • Minimise use of communal spaces
  • A face mask should be worn by all employees at all times when in contact with other customers
  • Customers must respect the facility’s cleaning and hygiene standards
  • Customers are to practice good hygiene inside camping sites. Good hygiene requires regular washing of hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and drying them with a clean paper towel. Employees and customers must wash their hands before and after eating, after coughing or sneezing, after going to the toilet, when changing tasks and after touching potentially contaminated surfaces. When it is not possible to wash hands, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% ethanol or 70% alcohol as the active ingredient must be used as per manufacturer’s instructions

Welcome Back Campers!

Welcome back campers, you’ve been missed!

We are pleased to announce that the campsite is open again with effect from Friday 5/06/2020.  In the interest of your safety and that of our employees, we are introducing some new rules:

1.   Campers must bring their own hand sanitising gel and use it as necessary.   No hand sanitiser will be provided by the campsite for use by campers.

2.   Campers should abide by the social distancing rules in place.  Please observe max occupancy signage where installed.

3. Toilet facilities consist of shared wash hand basins within an ablutions block that includes lockable toilets and showers. 

It is the campers’ responsibility to clean and disinfect wash hand basin before and after use.  A lockable toilet and shower will be assigned to you. 

We will be disinfecting the toilets & showers after every booking and therefore have to introduce a cleaning / disinfection surcharge of €10 per toilet/shower booked.  This surcharge will be adjusted should we be required to implement additional measures.

We will be disinfecting each kitchen before every booking and therefore have to introduce a cleaning / disinfection surcharge of €25 excluding VAT for each kitchen booked.  This surcharge will be adjusted should we be required to implement additional measures.


Please report to the reception office to check-in before reaching the plot. Thank you


You can also have to possibility to rent our barracks, are equipped one as a sleeping quarters and the other as a dining area. (max of 35 pax)

price on request

New Booking System Launched


We just launched our brand new Booking System !

Over this weekend, we will be migrating from the old system to the new booking system. During this time, we will be registering our campers on the new system.

Users will receive an email from asking them to confirm their email address, after which they will be able to set a password on the system and be able to log in. The system allows you to make bookings online, check availability on particular dates, view your bill and also make payments online.

The booking system can be accessed from the BOOK NOW button or else directly from


All plots are equipped with an electricity pillar. To use it, you will need an adapter: 16 amp adapter. You can see in the photo below.


We have two blocks equipped with showers and toilets. You will have your personal one and will receive the keys upon check-in.

We also have some kitchen that you can rent. They are equipped with cookers, oven, fridge and freezer. You have to bring your own pans and cutlery.

High Ropes

For more info please call on +356 20991526 or email

Standard prices

€ 5.35 per plot per day 

€ 4.55 per person per day (children under three years do not pay)

€ 5.90 per Caravan/Mobile homes/Roof top tent/Camp trailer tent/small trailer per day

€ 2.68 per visitor per day

There is also the possibility to book a kitchen and the barracks:

Kitchen – € 14.99 per day/s

All the above prices are inclusive of VAT and include the use of toilets and showers

Each plot has got a service pillar with electricity and water (included in the price)

Plots information

How big are the plots?

1)780 m2 2)336 m2 3)530,60 m2 4)437,70 m2 5)397,60 m2 6)144 m2 7)788,20 m2 8)740,90 m2 9)262,10 m2 10)450 m2 11)308 m2 12)432 m2 13)576 m2 14)226,30 m2 15)576 m2 16)448 m2 17)324 m2 18)280 m2 19)262,60 m2 20)370 m2 21)672,60 m2 22)580,50 m2 23)551,60 m2 24)514,50 m2 25)481,20 m2