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COVID-19 Procedures Updated

The campsite shall be open again as of the 26th April 2021. In order to protect campers and staff and in conformity with the guidelines issued by the Health Department, campers are to note the below.

The Ghajn Tuffieha campsite is considered to be a public space and hence all the current restrictions for outdoor gatherings are applicable to all campers.
Anybody who is making use of the campsite must observe all government and health authority regulations. Furthermore users of the campsite must also abide by the following :
1) Tents must be pitched at a minimum distance of 2 metres from each other in all directions;
2) Different households should occupy different camper vehicles or tents;
3) The maximum number of persons gathering together shall not exceed 4 persons;
4) The person on whose name the plot is booked is taking responsibility of the actions of the whole group camping within the same plot;
5) Face masks are to be worn at all times. Mask removal is allowed only when drinking and eating when outside, but not permitted if it is done while a person is walking;
6) Social distancing should be observed at all times throughout the campsite;
7) No more than 4 persons must use the ablution block at any one time. Campers are asked to politely wait their turn to use the ablution block.
8) During the course of the day the campsite administrators will be patrolling the campsite and anybody not abiding by the regulations may be asked to leave the campsite. Refunds will not be given in such cases. Should the campers refuse the leave the campsite when asked to do so the campsite management reserves the right to take any action they deem necessary .
9) All authorities have a right to access the campsite to perform patrols and take any action against campers as they deem applicable.

A declaration will need to be signed by the person on whose name the plot is booked before keys are handed over.