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You can also have to possibility to rent our barracks, are equipped one as a sleeping quarters and the other as a dining area. (max of 35 pax) price on request


All plots are equipped with an electricity pillar. To use it, you will need an adapter: 16 amp adapter same as shown in the photo below.


We have two blocks equipped with showers and toilets. You will have your personal one and will receive the keys upon check-in. We also have some kitchen that you can rent. They are equipped with cookers, oven, fridge and freezer. You have to bring your own pans and cutlery.

Plots information

How big are the plots? 1)780 m2 2)336 m2 3)530,60 m2 4)437,70 m2 5)397,60 m2 6)144 m2 7)788,20 m2 8)740,90 m2 9)262,10 m2 10)450 m2 11)308 m2 12)432 m2 13)576 m2 14)226,30 m2 15)576 m2 16)448 m2 17)324 m2 18)280 m2 19)262,60 m2 20)370 m2 21)672,60 m2 22)580,50 m2 23)551,60 m2 24)514,50 m2 25)481,20 m2