Standard Prices

Plot charge

Small plot            €10 per night

Medium plot      €15 per night ​

Large plot            €25 per night ​

Check plot category here 

Each plot is equipped with a service pillar providing electricity and water.  Normal consumption is included in the price of the plot.

Camper charge

Per camper         €7 per night

Check in from 08:30 to 16:30, check out by 16:00

Caravan, camper, combo trailers and roof tent cars

Charge of plot as per above plot charge

Charge per person as per above camper charge plus additional €10 per night for the caravan


Kitchen                 €20 per night excluding gas cylinder

Gas cylinder        €15 per cylinder – Only use maximum 2 nights/3 days – must be pre booked

Kitchen can only be rented for a minimum 2 nights


Barrack                 €30 per night

Charge per person as per above Camper charge. A minimum charge of 10 people per night applies.

Barracks can only be rented for minimum 2 nights

The barracks are equipped with bunk beds and mattresses.  Linen to be provided by camper.

Each booking is allocated a private toilet and shower.

VAT is to be added to all the above prices.