All plots are equipped with an electricity pillar. To use it, you will need an adapter: 16 amp adapter. You can see in the photo below.


we have two blocks equipped with shower and toilet. Each of these is locked, so you will have your personal one. You will receive the keys upon check-in.

Hight Ropes

For more info write one email to: campsite@tsem.com.mt

Standard prices

Eur 5.35 per plot per day 

Eur 4.55 per person per day ( children under three years do not pay )

Eur 5.35 per Caravan/van or car staying at the plot per day

Eur 2.68 per visitor per day

There is also the possibility to book a kitchen and the barracks:

Barracks qty 2 –  Eur 19.99 per day/s

Kitchen – Eur 14.99 per day/s

All the above prices are inclusive of VAT and include the use of toilets and showers

Each plot has it electricity and water ( included in the price)

Plots information

How big are the plots?

1)780 m2 2)336 m2 3)530,60 m2 4)437,70 m2 5)397,60 m2 6)144 m2 7)788,20 m2 8)740,90 m2 9)262,10 m2 10)450 m2 11)308 m2 12)432 m2 13)576 m2 14)226,30 m2 15)576 m2 16)448 m2 17)324 m2 18)280 m2 19)262,60 m2 20)370 m2 21)672,60 m2 22)580,50 m2 23)551,60 m2 24)514,50 m2 25)481,20 m2